Best Rental Company

Have you ever wondered how much more you are paying at some rental companies?

We were shocked to see some of the prices from our competitors and after a little research I thought these need to be shared.

Know what to look for!

  • Weekly Or Fortnightly Prices?
  • How Long The Contract Is For?

Knowing those two simple things can let you work out how much the product is going to cost you over the length of the contract. This does not take into account any fees or buy-out figures our competitors may hit you with.

We are going to compare some TV prices between Essential Appliance Rentals, Radio Rentals, Rent4Keeps, Direct Appliance Rentals and Mr Rentals

These TV's are 50" televisions and we tried to make sure the comparisons are as fair as possible by sticking to similar specifications if unable to compare the exact same TV.

*Prices Correct as of October 20 2015

Essential Appliance Rentals

One of Essential Appliance Rentals biggest differences if our 12 and 18 months contracts available on all rental appliances without an internet data component.

TOTAL COST over 18 months

$ 2273.70

TOTAL COST over 12 months

$ 1820


TOTAL COST over 36 months

$ 5826.60

Amount Saved on Essential 12 month contract

$ 4006.60

Yes you saw it right! There is no discrepancy in TV model either this is the EXACT same TV Essential Appliance Rentals offers.

These are the type of contracts that give rental companies a poor name.

By choosing Essential Appliance Rentals over Rent4Keeps you are going to save yourself $4006.60 and finish your contract 2 years quicker!

You don't even have to pay more per week with Essential Appliance Rentals to save money, in fact the repayments are cheaper on our 12 month contract than what they are on Rent4Keeps 36 month contract.

From the outside they may look like they are in the ball park with their weekly repayments but the difference is these repayments are over 3 years. Don't lock yourself into contracts where you can easily get a better deal somewhere else. It is that simple.

Direct Appliance Rentals

TOTAL COST over 24 months

$ 3016

Amount Saved on Essential 12 month contract

$ 1196

Things are starting to look a little better here, we have moved from 4 year contracts down to 3 year contracts and now Direct Appliance Rentals is offering you a 2 year contract.

Straight away you can see for 15 cents extra a week you can get the same sized TV through Essential Appliance Rentals and you will finish your contract 6 months quicker. Not only that in that 6 months you will also save yourself $742.30 just on the 18 month contract by paying 15 cents more a week.

If you decide to take a 12 month contract with us you will save yourself $1196 and finish your contract 1 year quicker

Mr Rentals

TOTAL COST over 48 months

$ 3640

Amount Saved on Essential 12 month contract

$ 2444

It didn't take long but we are back at a 48 month contract. With Essential Appliance Rentals if you can afford to pay double the fortnightly rate not only will you finish your contract 3 years quicker but you could have paid off 2 TV's in 2 years for the same price it would have cost you to pay off 1 TV over 4 years with Mr Rentals.

Make a smart financial decision and give Essential Appliance Rentals a call today on 1300723808 or you can find out more on the links below.