Frequently Asked Questions

Where around Australia do you service?

What payment methods are available?

Are your products new or second hand?

How long are your rentals?

What’s the process?

Do you do credit checks?

What’s the catch?

How do I know if my application has been approved?

How quickly will I receive my order once I’ve applied?

Do you offer same day delivery?

Why do I have to pay before you send my order?

Where’s my order, I haven’t received it yet?

How do I collect/receive my order?

I’ve just had my application approved – can I add another product to it?

Does my rental have a warranty for the entire contract?

What if something happens and I can’t continue with the rental agreement?

Can I pay out my rental agreement early?

You’ve got a newer version of my rental product – can I upgrade?

Can you order me a specific product?

Do I own the product at the end of the rental?

There’s some things I’m still not sure about, how can I get in touch with you?

How does enabling technology work on my mobile phone?