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Data Usage Guide

Data Usage

The tables below provide a guide to how much data you may use, depending on what you do on your mobile service. You should also keep in mind how you’ve previously used data services. The tables are created by Optus who power our service.

Web Page Browsing and/or Accessing Email – Without Attachments

Please note that web page browsing will vary depending on the web page you visit. More text and/or pictures on a page means more data is being used to view that page. Email size will change depending on the amount of content or attachments in the email.

How often would you do this? Data Estimation
Once every few days at most About 50MB
Every day, but only a few web pages or email About 50MB
I spend a lot of the time on the web each day About 100MB

Downloading Apps

Before downloading applications you should always check the size of the app to make sure you don’t exceed your included data limit.

How often would you download apps? Data Estimation
Less than 5 per month About 100MB
5-15 per month About 300MB
More than 15 per month (though will depend on total number of apps) About 400MB

Video Clips

Before viewing video clips you should always check the size of the clip to make sure you don’t exceed your included data limit. The longer the video clip, the larger it will be in size.

How often would you view video clips? Data Estimation
Once every week at most About 100MB
Once every few days About 200MB
A couple of clips each day About 1GB
A lot of online video About 2GB