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Mobile Phone and Tablets

  • Spend Management Tools:

Essential is committed to providing you with a service that will not cause you to suffer bill shock. Accordingly our mobile phones and tablet allowances are prepaid services with a cap on usage. When you reach your caps the relevant service will cease until the start of the next period. That way you will not incur additional usage charges as can happen with post paid plans. You can explore the detail of these via the Critical Information Summaries links above.

In addition, even though it is not required for prepaid services and you will not get hit with bill shock, we will provide you with notifications of your usage under your allowances. 

Our commitment to you is that we will provide you with a notification of your usage at least when you have hit 50%, 85% and 100% of your allowed usage whether that be calls, SMS, data or other. Please note that this notification will be sent as soon as we have received the relevant information from our provider. This may be up to 48 hours after it actually occurs due to the current limits of the tracking and reporting technology of our service providers.

Because of this technological limitation, which is beyond our control, if your usage has hit more than one level in the 48 hours we may receive more than one alert. In that case we will, as a minimum, send you the most recent level reached. In addition we will also monitor usage and alert you if you are using your allowances so quickly in the first part of the period that you won’t make it last to the end of the period. This will give you a chance to spread your usage out a bit if you want to. You are entitled to use your full allowance in less than the period if you want to but be aware that may leave you with an extended time until the next period starts.