No Veda Credit Checks

Our policy at Essential Appliance Rentals has always been about trying to give people a chance to prove themselves to us. So we don't currently do Veda credit checks during the application process for our clients. Veda is the major credit bureau in Australia and it's where the big companies like the banks and power or telecommunication companies mostly report their clients credit information. We often find that a Veda report doesn't help us much so we would rather believe in giving you the opportunity to build good credit with our company regardless of your previous Veda credit history and if you do the right thing by us, we'll always do the right thing by you - guaranteed!

Now some would call that naive but we prefer to believe in the better angels of human nature until there's an obvious reason why we shouldn't. That's why are able to honestly say we understand that things happen and it shouldn’t automatically restrict you from having access to the essential household goods, appliances and furniture that go to having a good standard of living in our society. Our only exception to that is with people who are known to rip off the consumer leasing industry so we may do a check on the relevant register set up for the Consumer Household Equipment Rental Providers Association (CHERPA). If someone has ripped off or stolen from one of our colleagues we will maintain solidarity with our industry. The reason is simple and fair - if we make harder for the thieves we can make it better for the good clients who deserve a chance.

I just called up and you let me know my application was going through an approval process. I didn’t think there were any credit checks?

There is a difference between a credit check and an assessment process. A credit check assesses your credit character, your likelihood of meeting your commitments based on previous credit history. An assessment considers the suitability of the product - that you can afford it currently and meets your needs. As above, there are no Veda credit checks but there is still an approval process. We legally have to assess the application to make sure you are able to afford the item and that it meets your needs. At Essential Appliance Rentals we will never over commit you and we always look out for your best interests. That's why we'll never load you up with heaps of contracts or products at any one time.

As part of your application process you will need to supply: photo ID (if you're new to us); proof of income eg recent payslips or Centrelink Income Statement; and a Bank Income Statement - we like to get at least 3 months’ worth of history. These are the items that come back to our assessment team to assess your eligibility.

So we do not contact the Veda credit agency/credit bureau to check your past credit history but there is still a process that you need to pass to ensure that the contract is suitable for you.

That means you can apply for our mobile phones, televisions, computers, furniture and more with peace of mind knowing our policy on credit checks and assessment.

If this sounds like something you are interested in then you can apply today.