Electrolux Silent Performer Animal Vacuum

From $6.00 per week

No more noisy cleaning with the Electrolux Silent Performer Animal Vacuum!

The Electrolux ZSP4303PET features a HEPA filter, so you can eliminate unhealthful pollutants, dust, and pollen – making this vacuum perfect for an asthma or allergy prone household. 
SilentPerformer technology has been added with silence in mind – with the noise-optimized motor, the construction of the canister and Dust Magnet Silent nozzle nozzle you can guarantee a quiet clean without compromising on performance.

With limited credit checks apply now for your Electrolux Silent Performer Animal Vacuum Cleaner!


  • One of the quietest bagless machines in the Electrolux range.
  • Dispose of dust quickly and easily with the Easy Empty™ system.l
  • The power regulation control allows you to choose the appropriate suction power depending on the floor surface being cleaned.
  • The soft wheels and Ergoshock™ bumper protect your walls, floors and furniture from accidental knocks.


  • Wattage:: 1600W 
  • Vacuum Type: Bagless
  • Cable Length (m): 9
  • Dustbin Volume (l): 1.7
  • Colour: Shell White
  • Warranty: 24 Months
  • Model Number: ZSP4303PET