About Us

Essential Appliance Rentals is an Australian owned and operated rental company, with the focus on giving Australians access to essential household appliances, computers, mobile phones and furniture.

We let you enjoy brand new home appliances the easy, hassle-free way, delivered direct to your home at the lowest rental rates with short, simple contracts.

Our business is driven by the principal of doing the right thing by each other. We recognised that many within our community don’t have access to some of the basic household appliances that most people take for granted, so we have built a business with the goal of ensuring that nobody misses out on the necessities, at reasonable and affordable prices. We don’t discriminate on income and don’t perform any external credit checks in the application process, only our own affordability check to make sure renting is the right choice, and often we can help when other rental and finance companies have said no.

If you want to experience the Essential difference with shorter contracts, cheaper prices and great service we can help you out.