Sir Rentalot

Exciting news for all of our wonderful customers.
Sir RentaLot is delighted to announce that we are now part of the Essential Group of businesses under the banner of Essential Appliance Rentals!

Essential Appliance Rentals is an Australian owned and operated company with a reach across the nation including bases in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and now here in Perth together with providing services to many people in smaller towns and areas in every Australian state and mainland territory.

Over the years Sir RentaLot has been through a lot of changes, always trying to find ways to improve our business and service and offerings for our loyal customers. We’ve reached the point where to take the next step we needed more resources than we had available and this was the right opportunity for us and our clients.

Going forwards your existing contracts will continue as they are but any new applications will be made direct with Essential. You can find out what new choices you have by calling Essential on 1300 723 808 or keeping an eye on the website at